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How many times have you missed a bill, simply because you misplaced it, and then just forgot about it altogether? It’s happened to the best of us and unless you consider an alternative to the way you’re currently doing things, it could keep happening. Staying organized is the best way to keep you on top of your life, and make sure you never miss a beat. Here are ten tools that you can use to help you keep your important real estate documents organized.

Know What’s Important

Knowing which documents are important and considered “real estate documents” will help you understand how you need to organize them. Knowing where you keep the deeds to your home or the titles of your vehicles will enable to gather them quickly if necessary.

Make a List

Make a list of everything you have on hand and where it is located. Keep the list in a safe place that you can also get to if you need to locate a document quickly.


First things first, buy something you can use to shred your documents when they become of no use to you. This may sound like a paranoid precaution, but chances are you would rather be shredding document after document than giving someone else access to your personal information.

Don’t Be A Pack Rat

You have no need for keeping hard copies of documents that are old and out of date. Put your shredder to use on the things that you don’t need anymore. If you think you might need them in the future, scan them to keep a digital copy on your computer.

File Accordingly

For past and current items you might still need, create two files: an “active” file and a “past” file. This will help you to separate what you currently have open and might need access to quickly, and things that have recently closed that you can’t destroy just yet.

Use a Binder

Another way to keep your documents together in one place, is to get a binder with separate tabs/sections. This is a great way to keep everything together, and the tabs will ensure that you don’t misplace anything.

Create a Filing System

Creating and maintaining your own filing system in place will ultimately be a huge benefit to you. As long as you understand the system and can manage it accordingly, you will be good to go.

Make Copies

It sounds tedious, but you will be patting yourself on the back if you ever need a copy of your important document. The copies should also be kept in a safe place, and will come in handy if the original or other set was destroyed or misplaced.

Storage Options

Once you have your items organized, you will want to consider where you want to store them. If you have a fire-proof safe in your home, that would be a good place to start. If not, consider getting a safe deposit box for your items.

Know How Long to Keep Documents

To avoid clutter and having a bunch of documents on hand that you don’t necessarily need, visit here. The site will give you more information on the documents you should have on hand and how long you should hang on to them after they expire.

For more information to help you organize your important real estate documents, visit here.


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